Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Water Features

Mosquitoes are pesky and irritating pests that have a habit of congregating around water sources like ponds, fountains, and birdbaths. Not only do these winged insects disrupt peace in your backyard, but they can also carry diseases from one person to another. Fortunately, there are ways to control mosquitoes by using natural methods in water features so you can enjoy the beauty of nature without being swarmed by annoying bugs. 

Repelling Mosquitoes Around Water Sources 

One of the most effective ways to repel mosquitoes is by introducing other species such as dragonflies or tadpoles into the water feature. Dragonflies feed on mosquito larvae, while tadpoles eat plants around the pond which can help limit their number since it’s their food source. If you live in an area where predators like fish aren’t available, consider stocking your pond with Gambusia affinis or guppies which are known for eating mosquito larvae as well. 

Using Natural Remedies 

Another way to get rid of mosquitoes is by using natural remedies inside and outside the water feature itself. One such remedy is garlic oil which you can find at any local store; just add a few drops to the water source and make sure it’s covered so that it won’t evaporate quickly. Citronella candles or coils emit a scent that helps keep away these pesky insects and placing them near your pond will create a barrier against mosquitoes entering your space. Additionally, planting certain types of herbs like basil, bay leaves or pennyroyal near your water feature will provide additional protection from these bugs since they naturally repel them away from their strong smell.

Avoiding Standing Water 

The most important factor in controlling mosquitoes around water features is to ensure there are no sources of standing water that could become breeding grounds for them. Do a full inspection of your pond and all the surrounding areas for any small puddles or pools that might be collecting rainwater. If you find any, take steps to eliminate them right away by draining, filling up with soil or using sandbags. Furthermore, make sure to change the water in your pond or fountain every few weeks and use an aerator if necessary to keep it circulating so that mosquito eggs cannot hatch. Finally, look into installing a mechanical filter system that will help remove larvae from the water as well as other debris like leaves and twigs.

Cover Up with Screens and Nets 

Using screens or nets over your pond can also be an effective way to keep mosquitoes away from the water source. Invest in fine mesh netting that is specifically designed for this purpose, as this will help limit the number of bugs entering your space. Additionally, using a protective cover over any other water features like fountains or birdbaths will also give you an added layer of protection against these pests.

Managing Other Insects Near Your Water Feature 

Insects like mites, ants, wasps, and flies may also be attracted to standing pools of water; however, these can be managed easily with some simple steps such as catching existing populations using traps or eliminating breeding grounds by draining excess moisture from flower beds or around trees where these insects tend to lurk about. You should also be mindful of keeping trash receptacles away from your pond as they may end up attracting more insects than desired if not disposed of correctly on time. Furthermore, insecticides used properly will help combat any insect population that has already established itself close to your source of standing water; however, it’s important to use them sparingly as they could cause harm to wildlife or affect people who come in contact with treated areas regularly due its toxicity levels when overused unnecessarily.  

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Home 

Finally, it’s also important to keep mosquitoes away from your home by making sure that all windows and doors are properly sealed off so they can’t enter in; this will help prevent them from breeding indoors and pestering everyone inside. Additionally, you should make sure to empty any containers or buckets of water where mosquitoes could lay their eggs like birdbaths or flower pots since these areas become prime breeding grounds for these insects. Lastly, consider installing screens on all your windows and doors so you can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by pesky bugs.  With a little knowledge and effort, you can maintain a mosquito-free environment around your water feature while still enjoying its beauty.


By taking proactive steps towards controlling mosquito populations around your water sources you’ll reap the benefits of having a peaceful environment free from buzzing pests in no time! Natural remedies paired with proper maintenance practices will ensure that mosquitos stay far away for good!

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